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Securing a Screenwriting Agent in the UK: A Beginner’s Guide

Breaking into the competitive world of screenwriting in the UK can seem daunting for many aspiring writers. One of the key steps to establishing a successful career is landing a reputable agent who can champion your work. A good agent can provide invaluable assistance, from negotiating contracts to finding exciting opportunities. Here’s a beginner’s guide to securing a screenwriting agent in the UK.

Understanding the Role of a Screenwriting Agent

The primary role of a screenwriting agent is to sell your scripts to producers and negotiate deals on your behalf. They have the connections and the industry insight that most writers lack, which enables them to find the best homes for your projects. Moreover, agents give career advice, help refine your pitches, and assist in developing your script to make it more marketable. Remember, agents are incentivised to find you work; they typically earn a commission of around 10% to 15% on whatever you make from writing assignments they secure for you.

Creating a Strong Portfolio

Before you even start looking for an agent, you need a portfolio of your best work. This usually means having at least one polished, ready-to-market screenplay or teleplay. To catch an agent’s eye, your writing should showcase originality, a strong voice, and an understanding of script structure and formatting. It’s also beneficial to have a diverse portfolio that includes several projects, indicating your range and adaptability as a writer.

Researching Potential Agents

Not all agents will be a good fit for you and your work. Start by researching agencies that have a strong track record in your genre or area of interest. Look at which writers they represent and the types of projects they’ve managed. If possible, attend industry events, workshops, and festivals where you can network and learn more about different agents and their preferences. The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain provides resources and events which can be useful in this regard.

Perfecting Your Pitch and Making Contacts

Once you’ve identified potential agents, you need to prepare your pitch. This should succinctly summarize your project, your background, and why you think they would be the right fit for you. Crafting a compelling query letter is crucial; this is your first impression and may be your only chance to grab their interest. Reference any personal connections if you’ve got them, or mutual contacts that might lend credibility to your approach. Networking is essential in the film and TV industry—never underestimate the power of a personal recommendation.

Dealing with Rejection and Persistence

The path to finding an agent is often fraught with rejection. It’s important to remember that this is a normal part of the process and does not define the value of your work. Use rejection as a learning experience—solicit feedback where possible, refine your pitch, and continue improving your writing. Persistence is key; for many successful writers, securing an agent took time and resilience.

Legal Considerations and Contracts

When you do get an offer from an agent, it’s crucial to understand the terms of your agreement. Be clear on the commission rate, the duration of your contract, and what rights you are signing away, if any. It’s wise to have a lawyer or a professional familiar with entertainment law review any contract before you sign it.


Securing a screenwriting agent in the UK is a significant step towards a professional writing career. It requires patience, persistence, and a bit of strategy. By understanding the role of an agent, creating a strong portfolio, doing your homework, and perfecting your pitch, you increase your chances of finding the right partner to champion your work. Remember, every successful writer was once in your shoes—keep honing your craft and don’t give up.

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