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Top Online Screenwriting Courses for Aspiring Writers

Unleash Your Inner Tarantino: Top Online Screenwriting Courses!

So, you want to be the next big thing in the movie biz, right? Sure, you could spend your days waiting for inspiration to strike in the form of a half-eaten sandwich ala Rene Magritte. Or, you could take matters into your own hands (and fingertips) by enrolling in one of the fabulous online screenwriting courses out there. From the comfort of your dirty laundry-strewn room, transform blank pages into the next screenplay that might, just might, get Leonardo DiCaprio on speed dial.

1. David Mamet Teaches Dramatic Writing – MasterClass

Rub virtual elbows with the Pulitzer-winning rockstar of stage and screenplay, David Mamet. His MasterClass isn’t just a course—it’s your new religion if you’re an aspiring screenwriter. Mamet turns the mystique of screenwriting into something tangible, breaking down the structure, dialogue, and characters. The bonus? You get to learn from the guy who penned Glengarry Glen Ross. Who knows, maybe you’ll be writing persuasive speeches for desperate real estate agents soon!

2. Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting – MasterClass

If your dialogue is as flat as a soda left open overnight, Aaron Sorkin is here to pump it back up! The man behind The West Wing and The Social Network brings his A-game to MasterClass, offering insights into crafting snappy dialogue that keeps audiences hooked. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through story structure, creating memorable characters, and the beauty of the walk-and-talk technique.

Dial-up, Dialogue, Drama!

With practical exercises and Aaron’s personal draft scripts, you’ll be walking the talk in no time—or at least writing it.

3. Shonda Rhimes Teaches Writing for Television – MasterClass

Fancy writing for TV? Who better to learn from than the queen of prime-time drama herself—Shonda Rhimes. This course isn’t just a spiel—it’s an arsenal of tools plucked right from the writer’s room of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. Get an all-access pass to story pitching, character layers, and building series arcs that have more twists than a pretzel factory. By the end, you’ll know whether your series is a surgical drama or just dramatically crying for surgery.

4. Screenwriting Certificate from UCLA’s TFT Professional Programs

Want something more academic? UCLA offers a Screenwriting Certificate that you can snag from anywhere around the globe. Brace yourself for a scholarly hustle through character arcs, story structure, and whatnot. It’s academia meets Hollywood—gowns and all—but digitally, and without the awkward graduation photos.

Write, Rewrite, and Write Again

At UCLA, revisions are the name of the game. You’ll draft and redraft until your fingers cramp and your brain buzzes with snappy comebacks and heart-wrenching monologues.

5. The Screenwriter’s Toolkit by Sundance Co//ab

This one’s for indie souls dreaming of Sundance. The Screenwriter’s Toolkit is not just a course, it’s your roundhouse kickstart in the indie film scene. It covers everything from the raw basics to polishing up a script that feels like the cinematic child of Quentin Tarantino and Wes Anderson. Also, you’ll get feedback from peers who probably wear cooler glasses than you.

The Quirk Quotient

Sundance Co//ab doesn’t just teach you to write; it teaches you to write with a twist. After all, indie cinema isn’t about following rules—it’s about rewriting them in a coffee-smudged screenplay.

Your Script, Your Rules

Whether you’re drawn to the disciplined techniques of Sullivan’s Travels or prefer a zany, off-the-beaten-path approach, these courses arm you with both the flair and the formula. Ready to type FADE IN? Choose your virtual weapon of instruction and start scribbling your way through the labyrinth of Hollywood. With these courses, you’re not just ready to write; you’re ready to dazzle.

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