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Choosing the Right Major for Aspiring Screenwriters

Embarking on a journey to become a screenwriter is both exciting and daunting. With multiple pathways leading to the same destination, selecting an academic route becomes a critical first step. For aspiring screenwriters, choosing the right major is pivotal, as it lays the foundation for their understanding of storytelling, character development, and industry standards. While a direct path may seem attractive, it is essential to consider various academic options that can enrich a writer’s skill set and prepare them for a successful career in screenwriting.

Screenwriting or Film Studies

One of the most straightforward choices is a major in Screenwriting or Film Studies. These programs are designed to provide students with a deep understanding of film history, theory, and the technical aspects of movie making, alongside the core principles of narrative construction, character arcs, and dialogue writing. The curriculum often includes workshops and assignments that mimic industry practices, offering a hands-on experience that is invaluable for budding screenwriters.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing is another popular major among aspiring screenwriters. This major focuses on developing storytelling skills across various mediums, including novels, poetry, and short stories, in addition to screenplays. What makes Creative Writing an attractive choice is its emphasis on narrative structure, character development, and voice, allowing students to explore different styles and genres. This breadth of study can enhance a screenwriter’s versatility and creativity, valuable traits in the film and television industry.

Theater and Drama

A major in Theater and Drama offers a unique perspective that is particularly beneficial for screenwriters. It provides a comprehensive understanding of storytelling from the standpoint of performance, direction, and production. Students learn not only how to write compelling narratives but also how to visualize them on stage, which translates well into framing scenes for the screen. Furthermore, this major fosters an appreciation for dialogue and character interaction, as live performance hinges on believable and engaging conversations and character dynamics.


For those drawn to the storytelling aspect of screenwriting, a major in Literature can be a rewarding path. Studying literature exposes students to a wide range of narrative forms, themes, and historical contexts, offering a rich source of inspiration for screenwriters. It also sharpens analytical and critical thinking skills, enabling writers to construct more nuanced and layered stories. Moreover, the critical analysis of texts teaches the importance of thematic coherence and narrative economy, aspects that are crucial in screenplay writing.


At first glance, Journalism might seem a less obvious choice for aspiring screenwriters. However, it offers invaluable skills for narrative construction and concise storytelling. Journalism majors learn to write clearly and efficiently, traits that are essential in the often tight confines of a screenplay. Additionally, the research skills and real-world awareness gained can enrich screenwriters’ work, providing depth and authenticity to their stories.


Choosing the right major as an aspiring screenwriter involves a mix of personal interest and strategic planning. While a major directly related to film and screenwriting provides a focused education, other fields of study can offer diverse perspectives and skill sets that enhance a writer’s ability to craft compelling stories. Ultimately, the best major for an aspiring screenwriter is one that aligns with their passion for storytelling and fosters the development of their unique voice, while also providing a broad set of tools to navigate the creative and professional challenges of the screenwriting industry.

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